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2009 Roberts Team Matches

2009 Roberts Team Matches

There is a nice article in this month’s Shooting Sports USA on the 2009 Roberts Team Matches written by’s own Hap Rocketto. You can downdload a high-resolution PDF of the article by clicking on the image below.

On the Shoulders of Giants

by Hap Rocketto Each year, at the National Smallbore Rifle Championships, with a gaggle of unenthusiastic juniors in tow, I make for the NRA Trophy Room to insure that the kids see these magnificent works of art and begin to appreciate the many fine riflemen and women who have earned them. Too often the history […]

Law is a Bottomless Pit

by Hap Rocketto I shot my first long-range match in 1972 at the Colonie Club outside of Albany, New York. I was working in a small private school in New Jersey and was going to meet my fellow shooters from the Magnum Rifle Club at the range. I didn’t have a long-range rifle but my […]

The Real Trophies are in Here

by Hap Rocketto Some years ago, when I was a young pup, my National Guard Rifle Team won the US Army Combat Rifle Championships. Each shooter was given a small Blackington medal and a handshake by the general. Back in the barracks, after the awards had been passed out, I was bewailing the fact that […]

Shooter Spotlight: Hap Rocketto

Shooter Spotlight: Hap Rocketto

The purpose of the “Shooter Spotlight” is to help shooters get to know their fellow competitors a little bit better. We cover a wide range of shooters from “Marksman to Master.” This is the 16th interview in the series. Where do you call home? Quaker Hill Rod and Gun Club is my shooting address, but […]

Colonels are Methodist, Married or Mad

by Hap Rocketto A lull in the firing, as I sat behind the line as a scorer during the 2005 Pershing Match, allowed my mind to part its moorings from the job at hand and drift into distant waters. Idle thoughts about the British lead me to recall how that particular race prized eccentricity.  The […]

An Introduction to United States Smallbore Rifle Shooting

by Hap Rocketto Smallbore shooting, as we know it in the United States, dates from 1919. It was then that Savage and Winchester introduced specialized 22 caliber target rifles, the Model 19 NRA Match Rifle and the celebrated Model 52 respectively, for the first smallbore competition held at the National Matches. Conducted in late August, at […]

Broken Record, T.S. Eliot, and Me…

by Hap Rocketto Three weeks before my 18th birthday, in January of 1965, the poet Thomas Sterns Eliot died. Oddly enough his wife Vivian died in January of 1947 within a few days of my birthday. Regardless of these curious coincidences I was not particularly a fan of the author of ‘The Waste Land’ and […]

A Short History of Camp Perry and The National Championships

A Short History of Camp Perry and The National Championships

A Short History of Camp Perry and The National Championships By Hap Rocketto Seven men stood looking north over swampy hummocks and cattails at the white capped surface of Lake Erie on a cold rain swept day, early in April of 1906, some forty miles east of Toledo, Ohio near the small town of Port Clinton. […]

The Good Old Days

by Hap Rocketto When I made my first trip to Camp Perry I was overwhelmed by the long awaited and anticipated experience.  Day after day of shooting, free meals three times a day in the Mess Hall, a Spartan but adequate bunk in a hut, the company of like minded souls, and Commercial Row. I […]

The Fall Foliage Match makes the trip to Bisley, England.

The Fall Foliage Match makes the trip to Bisley, England. featured on featured on picked up our story by Hap Rocketto on the Roberts Trophy and you can see the story on the NRA blog here. You can also follow NRAblog on Twitter here.

A Gunrunner in the Family

by Hap Rocketto When I was about 12 years old The Old Man got tired of catching me in the spider webs of untruths that I regularly spun to avoid, unsuccessfully I might add, being punished for the illicit acts of my adolescence.  With the aid of his thick black leather garrison belt he finally […]

A Breif Tale of Cleaning Patches

by Hap Rocketto My brother is fond of giving books for presents and passed a volume entitled Floating off the Page to me for my last birthday.  It contains a series of articles taken from the Wall Street Journal’s “middle column.”  James P. Sterba related a brief tale of cleaning patches, “Prisons, Guns, and Knickers,” […]

Doughnuts, is there anything they can’t do?

By Hap Rocketto During Perry 2001 I bumped into Jeff Doerschler at the NRA Smallbore Committee meeting and found that he had made the Dewar Team, but had yet to secure a coach.  The person he most likely would have chosen, his shooting and running mate Jay Sonneborn, was Dewar Team Captain and unavailable.  Knowing […]

Drew Cup featured a video of the Drew Cup which was narrated by’s Hap Rocketto.

The Randle Trophy Match featured a video of the Randle Trophy Match which was narrated by’s Hap Rocketto.

The Lake Erie Dead Zone

By Hap Rocketto It was a dreary Sunday early in October and we were heading up to Blue Trail Range for a Connecticut Big Bore League make up match.  It had rained cats and dogs in April on the day the season began causing a postponement and here it was, on the rain date, with […]

The Team Match Day Speech (Team Day at Camp Perry)

The Team Match Day Speech, for the benefit of Team Digby Hand By Hap Rocketto If we are mark’d for defeat, we are enow To do Digby Hand loss; and if to win, The fewer men, the greater share of honour. God’s will! I pray thee, wish not one man more. That he which hath […]

Initial Preference

Initial Preference By Hap Rocketto While sitting in the dentist’s office, awaiting a routine cleaning, I was surprised to find a magazine which was not yet old enough to be eligible for Medicaid.  Amid the haystack like pile of typical medical office literature: National Geographic, Yankee Magazine, Golf Digest, Yachting, Fortune, and Gourmet-magazines which lead […]

An Army Breakfast is no Mess to Haul….

An Army Breakfast is no Mess to Haul…. by Hap Rocketto In my salad days, when I was green in judgment, I did a cruise in the Navy and a hitch in the Army. The one consistent element, other than the fact that no uniform ever tailored could make me look any more lean, mean, […]