NY: Rotterdam 3200 Prone Match

Complete results to follow but here are the preliminary results for the Rotterdam 3200 Regional  in New York  this past weekend.

Irons Winner: Justin Tracy 1598-117

Any Sights Winner: Peter Fiori 1600-134

Overall Results:

Justin Tracy 3195-256x

Erik Hoskins 3194-245x

Terry Glenn 3192-225

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About Dan Holmes

Dan Holmes started shooting competitive smallbore in 1986. During his Junior career, he earned two national junior team titles as well as local and regional wins. After a 10 year year hiatus to attend college and start a family, Dan returned to the sport and has added local, sectional and regional wins to his shooting resume. Dan is a Distinguished Rifleman, National Record Holder, U.S Dewar Team Member, Black Hawk Rifle Club Member, Digby Hand Schützenverein member, and is the founder of pronematch.com. He lives in Massachusetts with his wife and 2 children.
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9 Responses to NY: Rotterdam 3200 Prone Match

  1. @ErikHoskins says:

    I'm pretty sure that is the smallest 5 shot group I have ever shot, and it was in the sighter, of course!

  2. Environs says:

    Hi Interested in knowing a little more about the rifle in the 3rd pic, aluminium stock, jacket next to it with George on it. Looks interesting bit of kit.
    Glen Brownlee
    New Zealand
    AK Environs on Smallbore.co.nz

  3. Jason says:

    That is an awesome group! What target was it shot on?

    • Erik Hoskins says:

      The 50 Yard target.

      • Jason says:

        Just because I'm curious, but how do scores on the 50 metre ISSF target (A50?) translate to the 50 yard target?

        • Erik Hoskins says:

          X's on the yard target are tens on the ISSF Meter target, plugged tens on the yard target are 9.1's on the ISSF target. I am sure one of our readers knows the dimensions of both, I do not. I do know you have to work much harder to clean an ISSF target than you do to clean a yard target. I also know that a 400 40X on the yard target is just about as good as anyone can do on an ISSF target, with iron sights of course.__Erik Hoskins__http://www.pronematch.com

          • Jason says:

            Thanks! I'll likely head down into Minnesota next year for an NRA match or two so it's nice to have some idea what to expect.

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