CT: Perry Warm-Up Day 1

The Bell City Metric Prone Regional is the final warm up belly match in New England prior to Camp Perry. On iron sight day, a typically hot and humid July day, the range was uncommonly wind free early on as well as overcast. As the day wore on it picked up a bit and began switching from nine to three o’clock. None of this proved to be much of a hindrance to Major Ron Wigger, the West Point rifle coach, who won the first match, the 100 yard match with a 395-17X, and continued to run the rest of the day taking the Dewar with a 391-24X and the yard match with a 396-26X. His first card at 50 yards allowed him to take home some extra cash by virtue of winning the 200 pot with a clean with 15Xs, a rare 200 pot win with irons.

Wigger’s 1182-57X aggregate gave him a nine point pad on Expert class winner Remington Lyman who put together a 1171-47X. Lyamn swept all of the match wins in his class. Shawn Carpenter took the second place in the 100 yard match while Patti Clark gathered in the other two second places putting her third overall with a 1156-25X.

Unclassified shooters were lead by Tom Landro, an intermediate junior, won class honors at 100 yards and in the Dewar while cruising to a 1143-30X. Sonya May managed to break Landro’s strangle hold within the class by taking the yard match.

Sharpshooter Josie Burzynski-Smith captured the class with a 1148-43X and a win in the yard match. Her Brother Mike Burzynski was top Sharpshooter in the 100 yard match while Anthony Cuozzo was the best Sharpshooter in the Dewar.

Stephen Povroznik was at the top of the Marksman class in all individual matches, handily giving him the class win.

Weather for any sight day is predicted to be as hot as the shooting and Wigger is in the driver’s seat. But this is a metric match and this is Bell City so nothing is vouched safe to the leader.

About Digby Hand

The six foot two inch tall Digby Hand was a well known rifleman of his time, made famous in the book The Old China Hands, by Charles Finney. As a corporal in E Company of the United States 15th Infantry Regiment in China stationed in the late 1920s Hand was renowned for his skill with the Springfield rifle. Hand, a native of Arkansas, joined the 15th because his grandfather, who rode with Nathan Bedford Forrest’s cavalry, fought against the 15th at Battle of Shiloh and said that ‘There haint but one Yankee outfit in this whole world I’d let my grandson jine with, and that’s teh15th Infantry.’ His name and spirit of excellence in marksmanship is kept alive by the Corporal Digby Hand Schützenverein.
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