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Category: Results

NH: 2017 JORC Results

NH: 2017 JORC Results: 2017-nh-jorc (PDF, 157KB)

VT:Postal League, Week 3 Results

VT:Postal League, Week 3 Results: 2017-vt-postal-week-3 (PDF, 94KB)

PA: Guthsville Prone Jan Results

PA: Guthsville Prone Results: 2017-pa-Guthsville (PDF, 20KB)

CT: 2017 JORC Results

CT: 2017 JORC Results: 2017-ct-jorc (PDF, 860KB)

VT:Postal League, Week 2 Results

VT:Postal League, Week 2 Results: 2017-vt-postal-week-2 (PDF, 94KB)

VT:Postal League, Week 1 Results

VT:Postal League, Week 1 Results: 2017-vt-postal-week-1 (PDF, 94KB)

NY: Plattsburgh Jan Results

NY: Plattsburgh Jan Results: 2017-ny-plattsburg-jan (PDF, 44KB)

2016 Net Competitor Kick-Off League Final Results

2016 Net Competitor Kick-Off League Final Results Score entry is closed, the challenge period has ended, and the results of The 2016 Net Competitor Kick-Off League are in! The first annual Kick-Off League, sponsored by Gun Girls, Inc. and SportExcel, featured 8 disciplines and was held across 16 states and 3 countries! This was the first in […]

CT: Admiral’s Cup Results

CT: Admiral’s Cup Results: 2016-ct-admiral-cup (PDF, 37KB)

NY: Dec Plattsburgh Prone Results

NY: Dec Plattsburgh Prone Results: 2016-ny-platts-dec (PDF, 26KB)

CT: Swanson Memorial Match Results

27th David L. Swanson Memorial Match   In pursuit of excellence and glory, juniors from across Connecticut filled the Quaker Hill Rod and Gun Club rifle range on December 3rd and 4th at the 27th annual David L. Swanson Memorial Match. Sub Junior competitors fired a 30 shot prone match on the A-17 target with […]

MA: Reading 1600 Results

MA: Reading 1600 Results: 2016-ma-1600 (PDF, 236KB)

GA: State Champ Results

GA: State Champ Results: 2016-ga-state-champ (PDF, 15KB)

CT: Great Pumpkin Results

CT: Great Pumpkin Results

Those of a certain age fondly recall Charles Schultz’s Peanuts comic strip. Every year, Linus Van Pelt, the strip’s intellectual, holds vigil in a pumpkin patch waiting for the Great Pumpkin to appear. Across Southern New England the same may be said of a loyal cadre of smallbore prone shooters who eagerly await the annual […]

PA: Wilkes-Barre 3200 Results

PA: Wilkes-Barre 3200 Results: 2016-pa-wilkes-3200 (PDF, 57KB)

NY: Jones Regional Results

NY: Jones Regional Results: 2016-ny-prone-regional (PDF, 231KB)

PA: Mid-Atlanitc 6400 Results

PA: Mid-Atlanitc 6400 Results: 2016-pa-mid-atlantic (PDF, 674KB)

RI: Prone Champ Results

RI: Prone Champ Results

2016 Rhode Island NRA Conventional Prone Regional and Rhode Island Revolver and Rifle Association Prone Championship by Digby Hand The Smithfield Sportsman’s Club outdoor range was crowded as prone shooters from southern New England vied for the gold medallion. It was a warm sunny day marked by light and variable breezes that made smallbore bullets occasionally dance […]

PA: Mid-Atlantic 6400, Prelim Final Results

PA: Mid-Atlantic 6400, Prelim Final Results

PA: Mid-Atlantic 6400, Prelim Final Results

PA: Mid-Atlantic 6400, Day 1 Results

PA: Mid-Atlantic 6400, Day 1 Results

PA: Mid-Atlantic 6400, Day 1 Results

NH: 3P Conv Results

NH: 3P Conv Results: 2016-nh-3p-conv (PDF, 76KB)