AZ: Road Runner 3200 Results

2016 Road Runner 3200

The Phoenix Rod and Gun Club was the site of the 58th running of venerable Road Runner 3200 over the February 27-28, 2016 weekend.

Eighteen sling and nine F Class took the line as a real dog fight broke out in both divisions. Virginia McLemore took the day one iron sight victory and led in the grand aggregate by a single point over Pete Church and Ron Dearadorian.

Phil Meyers racked up a three point lead over John Hoffman and four over third place Phil Brackenberry in the all anysight category. Last but certainly not least John Andres and Jack Arnold kicked their games up a notch and have a fairly substantial lead over third place Allen Elliott in the F Class division.

Anysight competition changes the leader board. Deradourian fired a1599-132X which allowed him to leap over McLemore to post a 3195-240X for both any sight and grand aggregate honors. Second was McLemore with a 1596-129X and 3193-245 and Church rounded out the top three with a 1596-126Xwith a 3192-247X.

John Andres held on to win the F Class crown with a grand total of 3173-209X, Arnold took second with a 3159-188X and Andy Cyr moved up to third F with a 3154-226X.

About Digby Hand

The six foot two inch tall Digby Hand was a well known rifleman of his time, made famous in the book The Old China Hands, by Charles Finney. As a corporal in E Company of the United States 15th Infantry Regiment in China stationed in the late 1920s Hand was renowned for his skill with the Springfield rifle. Hand, a native of Arkansas, joined the 15th because his grandfather, who rode with Nathan Bedford Forrest’s cavalry, fought against the 15th at Battle of Shiloh and said that ‘There haint but one Yankee outfit in this whole world I’d let my grandson jine with, and that’s teh15th Infantry.’ His name and spirit of excellence in marksmanship is kept alive by the Corporal Digby Hand Schützenverein.
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