2017 Net Competitor Winter Games

2017 Net Competitor Winter Games
Net Competitor is proud to announce the 2017 Winter Games, a 5 week, 13 discipline shooting competition featuring a bonus week 6 championship round for the top 8 shooters of each discipline. The event will be held online January 30th – March 12th on Net Competitor, like a modern “Postal League”.


  • Compete from Anywhere in the World
  • Shoot Targets at Your Range or Home
  • NO Scanner/Electronic Scoring Required
  • Enter or Import Scores on the Website


The league is open to individuals and teams, juniors and seniors of any skill level. Shoot in any or all of 13 different disciplines in rifle, pistol, shotgun and archery, and for the first time on Net Competitor, two rifle & pistol combo matches! These matches are available FREE if you register for both rifle and pistol disciplines in either .22 smallbore or air.  For new shooters who are just learning, have some fun in the low-pressure “rookie” division. It’s a great way to learn the sport of shooting.
The cost to register is $5 per person per discipline, $3 for Rookie Divisions, with no extra charge to form teams.


  • .22 Smallbore Rifle Prone
  • .22 Smallbore Rifle Prone – Rookie Division
  • .22 Smallbore Rifle 3 Position*
  • 10 Meter Air Rifle Standing**
  • 10 Meter Air Rifle Standing – Rookie Division
  • 10 Meter Air Rifle Prone – Rookie Division
  • 10 Meter Air Rifle 3 Position
  • Free Pistol
  • Precision (Bullseye) Pistol*
  • NRA PQC Style Action Pistol
  • 10 Meter Air Pistol**
  • Trap
  • 300 Round Archery


*Smallbore Combo Match – 3P Rifle and Precision Pistol
**Air Combo Match – Standing Air Rifle and Air Pistol


There will be 1st, 2nd and 3rd place awards for individuals & teams in each discipline.  Awards will also be given for the top 3 individuals in the 2 combo matches, along with a league champion in week 6! Additionally, we’ll be awarding special recognition prizes for:


* high junior * high senior * highest X count (rifle, pistol & archery) * longest hit streak (trap) * most improved rookie (air & .22)


Register before Feb 5th and shoot your targets at your local range. Log into the site and enter your scores by each weeks deadline. Firing ahead and submitting scores in advance is allowed.  Please help us by spreading the word and posting our flyer where you shoot!  You can download the flyer here:  http://www.netcompetitor.com/media/WinterGamesFlyer.pdf

For more information and to register for the Winter Games visit the league website on Net Competitor at http://wintergames.netcompetitor.com

About H

Dan started shooting competitive smallbore in 1986. During his Junior career, he earned two national junior team titles as well as local and regional wins. After a 10 year year hiatus to attend college and start a family, Dan returned to the sport and has added local, sectional and regional wins to his shooting resume. Dan is a Distinguished Rifleman, National Record Holder, U.S Dewar Team Member, Black Hawk Rifle Club Member, Digby Hand Schützenverein member, and is the founder of pronematch.com. He lives in Massachusetts with his wife and 2 children.
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