RI: 2010 Indoor 3P State Championship

by Joe Graf

The last weekend in March has come to an end. While March Madness has whittled its field down to four, the RI State Rifle & Revolver Association has found its 2010 Indoor 3-Position Smallbore State Champion. This year’s match was made more challenging than in the past due to the new USA/NRA 50 targets used for the match.

Massachusetts resident Erik Hoskins shot out to the front dropping just two points in prone. Firing a 395, Rhode Islander Joe Graf was just three points behind Hoskins and five points ahead of fellow resident Kim Chrostowski and Massachusetts junior Alex Zadrozny.

Just as the sun caused the temperature to surge last weekend, this weekend Chrostowski turned up the heat pounding out four incredible offhand targets. She took the offhand match firing a 378. Second place went to Hoskins who fired a 364. Just two points behind Hoskins was Zadrozny.

Kneeling would determine the final standings as Chrostowski entered the kneeling match in the lead with just a six point lead over Hoskins. Massachusetts junior Jessica Liston had a one point lead over Hanson Junior teammate Jeff Caron. Hoskins took the kneeling match firing a 382.

While Chrostowski was unable to win the kneeling match, her 380 was enough to earn her the George Melcher Cup. Graf was unable to gain any points on Zadrozny. Both fired a 377 kneeling. Liston easily topped Caron’s kneeling score by fifteen points. You can download the complete match results here: 2010-ri-indoor-state-championship (Excel, 16KB)

The RI 3-P State Championship also provided an opportunity to enter the Timothy Pickering Memorial Indoor Prone Postal Match sponsored by pronematch.com. This is a 60-shot prone match fired indoors at 50 feet on the new USA/NRA 50 targets. After firing the prone portion of the 3-P State Championship match, competitors were provided the opportunity to fire another 20 shots and have the 60-shot score entered in the Pickering match.

All of the competitors welcomed the opportunity, fired the additional 20 shots and entered the Pickering Memorial match. While it is a postal match, several groups of people have been getting together once a month to fire the match and submit both individual and 3-man team entries. There are no intrinsic awards since there is no entry fee. You shoot for team and individual honor. The Pickering Postal is wrapping up for the 2009-2010 season. For more information on this match, how to enter, and some history on Timothy Pickering visit http://pronematch.com/pickering-postal/ and click on Pickering Postal.

About Joe Graf

Joe Graf started shooting competitively as a junior in 1983 in both smallbore and high power rifle. After completing his junior career, he turned his attention to focus on smallbore rifle. In addition to shooting competitively, Joe has been the director of the RI Smallbore Rifle League since 1993, the Director of Smallbore Competition for RI State Rifle & Revolver Association since 2005, a member of the 2007 National Four Position Indoor Championship team, and Executive Officer of the RI State Rifle & Revolver Association since 2010. He is a National Record Holder, member of the Smithfield Sportsman's Club, the Blackhawk Rifle Club, and Digby Hand Schuetzenverein. He is a contributor to pronematch.com.
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  1. Hap Rocketto says:


    I was obligated to shoot the Mohegan League Annual Tournament so missed being at the RI 3P, but your coverage was the next best thing.

    Nice work.


  2. Dan Holmes says:

    Thanks for the writeup, Joe!

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