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Category: Upcoming Matches

Postal Match

Net Competitor, LLC announces the First Annual Winter Season Kick-Off Postal League to benefit junior shooting clubs and launch of their 30 day crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter. The Kick-Off Postal League is an online event to be held this November on Net Competitor over the course of 5 weeks and will include indoor .22 rifle, […]

GA: Conv Prone, Sept 19-20

This is a brief reminder of River Bend Gun Club’s September smallbore prone tournament, a 2-day NRA conventional state championship 3200 on Saturday and Sunday, September 19 & 20.   Attached is a PDF file containing the official match program. This is an open tournament and the only membership requirement is that Georgia residents must be […]

MA: AMU Clinic, Oct 2-3

MA: AMU Clinic, Oct 2-3: 4th Annual Eastern 3P Small-bore and Air Rifle Championship and Clinic 2015 Eastern AMU smallbore, Air Rifle Match and Clinic (PDF, 234KB)

PA: Wilkes Barre 3200, June 20-21

PA: Wilkes Barre 3200, June 20-21: 2015_WB_REG_PRONE (PDF, 80KB)

NM: Firecracker 4800, July 4-7

NM: Firecracker 4800, July 4-7: Firecracker-4800-Program (PDF, 77KB)

CT: Upcoming Matches

CT: Upcoming Matches Program 3Pos Regional 2015.06.20 and 21 FINAL Program CT State Championship 3Position 2015.08.08 FINAL Program CT State Prone Champ 2015.08.09 FINAL Program John K Lee 2015.05.09 and 2015.05.10 Program Presidents Match 2015.05.17 FINAL Program Prone Regional 2015.06.06 07 FINAL

75th Annual Black Hawk Open, Jun 19-21

75th Annual Black Hawk Open, Jun 19-21: 75th-BHO-Program (PDF, 311KB)

NH: Upcoming Matches

May 2: NRA Conventional Prone Regional and State Championship.  Space limited to 20 competitors. May 23: NRA Conventional 3 Position Regional and State Championship.  Space limited to 34 competitors. June 13: NRA Metric 3 Position Regional and State Championship.  Space limited to 16 competitors. Match Program 2015 NRA Outdoor Conventional 3P Regional-State Championship Match Program […]

CT: Upcoming Matches

Camp Perry Warm Metric Prone Regional – Registration is open – follow link below Dates: June 27 & 28 Range: Bell City Rifle Club Great Pumpkin Metric Prone Regional … September 26 & 27

GA: Upcoming Matches

This is a friendly reminder that the River Bend Gun Club smallbore prone season kicks off this coming Saturday, March 21, beginning at 10:00 AM.  Saturday’s match will be a conventional 1600 with the course of fire being Dewar, 100 yards, 50 meters and 50 yards. In 2015, conventional smallbore prone 1600 monthly club matches […]

NY: Conv Prone, May 23-24

NY: Conv Prone, May 23-24: 2015 LRGC Conventional Prone Match (PDF, 517KB)

NH: 4P Sectional, Apr 4

NH: 4P Sectional, Apr 4: Match Program 2015 NH Open-Junior 4P Indoor State Championship (PDF, 99KB)

2015 National Championship Program

2015 National Championship Propgram: 2015 National Championships SBR Program_Master_final (PDF, 856KB)

CT: JORC Warm-Up, Apr 11-12

CT: JORC Warm-Up, Apr 11-12: BRC JORC Warmup Program (PDF, 66KB)

RI: Upcoming Matches

RI: Upcoming Matches: 2015 Outdoor 3P RI NRA Regional 2015 Rhode Island NRA Conventional Prone Regional Melcher Cup

CT: 84th Gallery Match

CT: 84th Gallery Match: Program Gallery Match 2015 FINAL (PDF, 356KB)

NH: Open Sectional, March 14

NH: Open Sectional, March 14: Match Program 2015 NRA 3P SBR Open Sectional (PDF, 90KB)

CT: Al Metzger Memorial Gallery Match

CT: Al Metzger Memorial Gallery Match: 2015 BRC Al Metzger Memorial Gallery Match (PDF, 163KB)

CT: Feb PTO, Feb 21-22

Registration is now open for our monthly Smallbore & Air rifle USA Shooting sanctioned PTO match hosted by the Bridgeport Rifle Club! We are holding this match on Saturday, February 21st and Sunday, February 22nd. Due to the popularity we are continuing to run an NCAA style format match. This means we are running both […]

CT: JORC, Jan 3-4

We are excited to announce that we have once again been selected as a state host for the USA Shooting Junior Olympic State Qualifier. This match is scheduled for January 3rd and 4th, 2015, and there is still limited space available so do not hesitate to register today! This is the match that qualifies junior shooters […]

NH: 3P Smallbore Junior Sectional, Feb 21

NH: 3P Smallbore Junior Sectional, Feb 21:  Match Program 2015 NRA 3P SBR Junior Sectional (PDF, 91KB)