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Hap Rocketto is a Distinguished Rifleman with service and smallbore rifle, member of The Presidents Hundred, and the National Guard’s Chief’s 50. He is a National Smallbore Record holder, a member of the 1600 Club and the Connecticut Shooters’ Hall Of Fame. He was the 2002 Intermediate Senior Three Position National Smallbore Rifle Champion, the 2012 Senior Three Position National Smallbore Rifle Champion a member of the 2007 and 2012 National Four Position Indoor Championship team, coach and captain of the US Drew Cup Team, and adjutant of the United States 2009 Roberts and 2013 Pershing Teams. Rocketto is very active in coaching juniors. He is, along with his brother Steve, a cofounder of the Corporal Digby Hand Schützenverein. A historian of the shooting sports, his work appears in Shooting Sports USA, the late Precision Shooting Magazine, The Outdoor Message, the American Rifleman, the Civilian Marksmanship Program’s website, and most recently, the apogee of his literary career,

New England At JORC Three Position Rifle Championship

New England At JORC Three Position Rifle Championship Five New England Women represented Connecticut, Rhode Island, Massachusetts, and New Hampshire in the 2017 Women’s Division of the 2017 National Junior Olympic 50 meter Rifle Three Position Rifle Championships. Kaitlyn Kutz, Cos Cob Rifle Club, 1135, who is headed to shoot for Web Wright at West […]

JORC Men’s Final

The 2017 USA Shooting Junior Olympics has ended for the men shooting both three position and prone. New England representation thinned out after air rifle but five New England riflemen and a transplant gave a good accounting. Jared Desrosiers left Massachusetts for the greener shooting grass of the Olympic Training Center’s Junior Rifle Club. The […]

2017 USA Shooting Junior Olympics Men’s 10 meter Air Rifle

The 2017 USA Shooting Junior Olympics Men’s 10 meter Air Rifle tournament, in which New England fielded a solid contingent, was con tested April 7-9, 2017 at the Olympic Training Center, Colorado Springs, Colorado. Rhode Island’s Marcus Mojica, representing the Maspenock Rod and Gun Club boasted the best finish, placing 17, just into the top […]

Three-Oh-Eight or 7.62mm

by Hap Rocketto One of my passions is aviation. It is often said among true aviators that, even in these days of jet powered stealth aircraft; that real airplanes have axles. This harkens back to the early days of flight and fabric covered aeroplanes flown by leather clad airmen peering out from behind goggles as […]

Western Wildcat Wrap Up

Western Wildcat Wrap Up Note: Because of atmospheric conditions, or some such other problem-probably euphoria, our Assistant Correspondent in the Field, Mark Del Cotto, was only able to send the aggregate results. In a hard fought contest between national champions it came down, as it so often does, to X count. Current National Smallbore Conventional […]

The 59th Western Wildcats Championship, Day 3

The 59th Western Wildcats Championship Day Three The third day of the 59th Western Wildcat Championship saw iron sight replace scope. The conditions were ratcheted up a bit more providing no relief from the desert heat while the winds continuing to toy with the shooters. Kerry Spurgin returned to the winner’s circle with a 400-32X […]

The 59th Western Wildcats Championship, Day 2

The 59th Western Wildcats Championship Day Two Note: I have been very remiss in not citing my sources for these reports. Many think I am enjoying the warm sunshine of Arizona watching the matches when, in fact, I am hold up in cold and snowy Rhode Island. Like you I am vicariously enjoying scoping the matches […]

The 59th Western Wildcats Championship, Day One

The 59th Western Wildcats Championship Day One The 59th Western Wildcats Championship, the longest continuously running 6400 prone tournament, got underway at the Ben Avery Shooting Facility in Phoenix, Arizona in March 16th. Hard on the heels of the NRA Metric prone championship 40 shooters contested in the metallic and any sight aggregate, an even […]

Metric Prone Championship

With the command “Commence Fire!” the 2017 Anysight Smallbore Rifle Metric Prone National Championships got underway. The pack of a half dozen competitors knotted up for the lead for the grand aggregate knew that every shot would count any there would be no quarter given. Starting with the Dewar Match there would be many surprises […]

In Memoriam: Elmer Schweitzer

Pennsylvania’s senior statesman of the sport and  shooting icon Elmer Schweitzer passed away on February 28, 2017 at the age of 93. Schweitzer was well known for his  shooting skill as well as high quality gunsmith work, coaching, teaching, mentoring, and being a friend to all. Elmer shot his first 1600 in prone competition at the […]

The Westchester Trading Post

The Westchester Trading Post

The Purple Heart was authorized by George Washington as a special mark of distinction to Revolutionary War soldiers while he was encamped at Newburgh, New York on August 7, 1782. Only three were presented and the award disappeared into the mists of military bureaucracy for a century and a half. Army Chief of Staff Douglas […]

Let the Good Times Roll

by Hap Rocketto My wife Margaret was getting tired of me shooting a rifle match at least one day every weekend all summer long. In desperation she finally me asked if she could accompany me one weekend to see what attracted me to the sport which occupied so much of my discretionary time. Thinking it […]

2017 Smallbore Nationals

The official dates for the 2017 Smallbore Nationals are:   July 8                     Check in/Packet pick up/Practice July 9-12               Conventional Prone July 13                   Dewar, Randle, Mentor –Awards July 14-15            Conventional 3P July 16-17            Metric 3P, Whistler Boy, Drew Cup – Awards (17)

CT: Swanson Memorial Match Results

27th David L. Swanson Memorial Match   In pursuit of excellence and glory, juniors from across Connecticut filled the Quaker Hill Rod and Gun Club rifle range on December 3rd and 4th at the 27th annual David L. Swanson Memorial Match. Sub Junior competitors fired a 30 shot prone match on the A-17 target with […]

All the People Like Us are We…

by Hap Rocketto I am a man whose hobby is collecting expensive hobbies. Shooting, flying, and baseball are my three favorite avocations. We all know how much treasure it takes to complete a summer’s shooting campaign. An hour spent aloft can pay for a weekend rifle match. Two hours in the air is equal to […]

The British .303

by Hap Rocketto Each one of the major allied powers of the 20th century has its iconic bolt action rifle. The United States fielded the Springfield 1903 and the Germans had the Mauser 98 family of rifles. The Mosin–Nagant armed both Czarist and Soviet troops and, as a little known fact, did limited service with […]

CT: Great Pumpkin Results

CT: Great Pumpkin Results

Those of a certain age fondly recall Charles Schultz’s Peanuts comic strip. Every year, Linus Van Pelt, the strip’s intellectual, holds vigil in a pumpkin patch waiting for the Great Pumpkin to appear. Across Southern New England the same may be said of a loyal cadre of smallbore prone shooters who eagerly await the annual […]

Mrs. Montford Foreshadows Eley Packaging Protocol

by Hap Rocketto It was a bright spring morning and the usual suspects had, as is our habit, gathered at Mel’s Diner on Route 163 for Friday breakfast prior to a morning of smallbore shooting. Young Nash Neubauer, in an intelligent move that belies the fact that he shoots high power-rather well I might add […]

The Wild Bunch

by Hap Rocketto Tickets in hand Larry Small, Stan Wujtewicz, Mike Franklin and I walked up the slight incline from the street level ticket box of the Garde Theater into the lobby. Passing through the double doors we took a sharp right to load up on popcorn and boxes of Jujubes, Raisinets, Milk Duds, and […]

2017 National Smallbore Rifle Metric Position and Overall Championship Wrap Up

2017 National Smallbore Rifle Metric Position and Overall Championship Wrap Up (Caveat Emptor: This report is based on Preliminary scores) The final day of the smallbore championships could only be called bitter sweet for George Norton. The inaugural winner of the Iron Man Trophy came to Bristol with just one goal, to regain his title. […]

2017 National Smallbore Rifle Conventional Position Championship Wrap Up

2017 National Smallbore Rifle Conventional Position Championship Wrap Up and Day One of the Metric Position Championship (Caveat Emptor: This report is based on Preliminary scores) The National Conventional Individual Position Champion is no stranger to the crown. George Norton fired a 2382-159X aggregate, setting several National Record along the way. He was also part of […]