Day Four: The 2017 Mid Atlantic 6400

Day Four: The 2017 Mid Atlantic 6400


The four day 640 shot grind began its final day with a leadoff 400-39X at the hands of Justin Tracy. Two thirds of the competitor cleaned the match with Reya Kempley tailing Tracy by and X for second. George Harris pulled into second on a tie breaker over Billy Marciniak with a 400-37X. Matt McHale’s 400 won the Expert class and Victoria Benyo was first in the combined class.


Kempley, 400-38X, moved to the top of the leaderboard in the Meter Match as Erin Gestl and Tracy finished second and third, both carding a 400-35X. McHale shot his second 400 of the day to again top the Expert class as Victoria Benyo grabbed her second class win of the day.


Kempley moved closer to a 1600 when she won the Dewar with a 400-37X. Tracy followed with 34Xs and Marciniak shot 32 center shots for third. McHale lost his 1600 as Expert Kevin Mulligan cleaned the match for a win. The third time was the charm for Victoria Benyo as she won once again.


Kempley nailed down a 1600, and the day, with a 400-35 at long range. Marciniak was second with 31X and Terry Glenn moved into the money with a 400-29X for third. Michael Geisecke was top Expert and Victoria Benyo wrapped up the day with a win which insured her daily class honors.


The day ended with three 1600s, Kempley, 148X, Tracy, 136X, and Marciniak, 134Xs. There were also four 1599s. Mulligan won the Expert class and Victoria Benyo, undefeated all day, was combined class champion.


The anysight aggregate saw three 3199s top the field. Kempley won with an X count of 286, 19 ahead of second place Kenny Benyo who bested Marciniak by six Xs. Geisecke out pointed Mulligan in the Expert class and Victoria Benyo ran away with the combined class.


The day four 1200 aggregate was Kempley’s. She shot a 1200-110X. Marciniak and Tracy tied at 1200-97X with Marciniak winning second. Mulligan and Benyo won their classes. Another three way tie marked the 2400 aggregate. Kempley was on top, 2399-212. Kenny Benyo second with 194Xs and Marciniak rounded out the top three with 188Xs. Geisecke and Victoria Benyo were class winners.


Nevius won the 4800 aggregate, posting a 4795-380X. Tracy beat Nevius on Xs, 396, but was a point behind the winner. Kempley took third shooting a 4793-387X. Mulligan had a solid lead to win the Expert class as Victoria Benyo took control of the combined shooters.


Folded into the four day event was an NRA Regional won by Kevin Nevius, 3197-266X, silver medal went to Tracy’s 3195-268X while the bronze went to Kempley who shot a 3193-249X. Harris was top Master as Geisecke was the best Expert.

The 2017 Mid Atlantic 6400 Prone Champion was Kevin Nevius who dropped five points over four days while shooting 524X for a 6395-524X. Justin Tracy made a serious challenge out Xing the winner by 21 but trailing by a point, 6394-545X. Reay Kempley took third place with a 6393-531X.


The Master Class was won by George Harris, 6388-478X, who owed the victory to a solid X count as the next two Masters, Joe Graf and Erin Gestl, had the same score but trailed in X count, 469 and 464 respectively. Kenny Benyo rounded out the Master class money winners shooting a 6386-496X. Bill Berkert was High senior and Billy Marciniak High Junior.


Expert Kevin Mulligan shot a 6372-433X and Victoria Benyo a 6307-317X to take the Expert and Combined classes.


All that was left for the competitors to do before driving off was to do was to police up some 25,000 empty cases, watch the statistical office print out the results and toss over 1,000 targets into the dumpster, pack for the trip home, and bid adieu to competitors and range staff.

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Hap Rocketto is a Distinguished Rifleman with service and smallbore rifle, member of The Presidents Hundred, and the National Guard’s Chief’s 50. He is a National Smallbore Record holder, a member of the 1600 Club and the Connecticut Shooters’ Hall Of Fame. He was the 2002 Intermediate Senior Three Position National Smallbore Rifle Champion, the 2012 Senior Three Position National Smallbore Rifle Champion a member of the 2007 and 2012 National Four Position Indoor Championship team, coach and captain of the US Drew Cup Team, and adjutant of the United States 2009 Roberts and 2013 Pershing Teams. Rocketto is very active in coaching juniors. He is, along with his brother Steve, a cofounder of the Corporal Digby Hand Schützenverein. A historian of the shooting sports, his work appears in Shooting Sports USA, the late Precision Shooting Magazine, The Outdoor Message, the American Rifleman, the Civilian Marksmanship Program’s website, and most recently, the apogee of his literary career,
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