Nite Owl Results

The Hopkinton Prone Match is affiliated with the Nite Owl League (Bell City Prone League). Scores are submitted each week to the the Nite Owl statistician so you can see how you match up against shooters in four or five different locations including Connecticut, New York, and Canada, Results are below.

2023 Results

2023-Nite-Owl-Match-1 (PDF, 43KB)
2023-Nite-Owl-Match-2 (PDF, 48KB)
2023-Nite-Owl-Match-3 (PDF, 44 KB)
2023-Nite-Owl-Match-4 (PDF, 43KB)
2023-Nite-Owl-Match-5 (PDF, 42KB)
2023-Nite-Owl-Match-6 (PDF, 44 KB)
2023-Nite-Owl-Match-7 (PDF, 47 KB)
2023-Nite-Owl-Match-8 (PDF, 44 KB)
2023-Nite-Owl-Match-9 (PDF, 45 KB)
2023-Nite-Owl-Match-10 (PDF, 20 KB)
2023-Nite-Owl-Match-11 (PDF, 43 KB)
2023-Nite-Owl-Match-12 (PDF, 42 KB)
2023-Nite-Owl-Match-13 (PDF, 29 KB)
2023-Nite-Owl-Match-14 (PDF, 42 KB)
2023-Nite-Owl-Match-15 (PDF, 40 KB)
2023-Nite-Owl-Match-16 (PDF, 41 KB)
2023-Nite-Owl-Match-17 (PDF, 43 KB)
2023-Nite-Owl-Match-18 (PDF, 42 KB)

2022 Results

2022-Nite-Owl-Match-1 (PDF, 39KB)
2022-Nite-Owl-Match-2 (PDF, 41KB)
2022-Nite-Owl-Match-3 (PDF, 40 KB)
2022-Nite-Owl-Match-4 (PDF, 43 KB)
2022-Nite-Owl-Match-5 (PDF, 39 KB)
2022-Nite-Owl-Match-6 (PDF, 44 KB)
2022-Nite-Owl-Match-7 (PDF, 44 KB)
2022-Nite-Owl-Match-8 (PDF, 37 KB)
2022-Nite-Owl-Match-9 (PDF, 42 KB)
2022-NiteOwl-Match-10 (PDF, 37 KB)
2022-Nite-Owl-Match-11 (PDF, 38 KB)
2022-Nite-Owl-Match-12 (PDF, 39 KB)
2022-Nite-Owl-Match-13 (PDF, 36 KB)
2022-Nite-Owl-Match-14 (PDF, 35 KB)
2022-Nite-Owl-Match-15 (PDF, 33 KB)
2022-Nite-Owl-Match-16 (PDF, 33 KB)
2022-Nite-Owl-Match-17 (PDF, 30 KB)
2022-Nite-Owl-Match-18 (PDF, 36 KB)
2022-Nite-Owl-Final (PDF, 253 KB)
2022-Nite-Owl-Final-BC (PDF, 225 KB)
2022-Nite-Owl-Final-EW (PDF, 219 KB)
2022-Nite-Owl-Final-MA (PDF, 215 KB)
2022-Nite-Owl-Final-NG (PDF, 228 KB)
2022-Nite-Owl-Final-QH (PDF, 214 KB)

2021 Results

2021-Nite-Owl-Match-1 (PDF, 37KB)
2021-Nite-Owl-Match-2 (PDF, 39KB)
2021-Nite-Owl-Match-3 (PDF, 45KB)
2021-Nite-Owl-Match-4 (PDF, 43 KB)
2021-Nite-Owl-Match-5 (PDF, 45 KB)
2021-Nite-Owl-Match-6 (PDF, 37 KB)
2021-Nite-Owl-Match-7 (PDF, 44 KB)
2021-Nite-Owl-Match-8 (PDF, 31 KB)
2021-Nite-Owl-Match-9 (PDF, 42 KB)
2021-Nite-Owl-Match-10 (PDF, 18 KB)
2021-Nite-Owl-Match-11 (PDF, 42 KB)
2021-Nite-Owl-Match-12 (PDF, 37 KB)
2021-Nite-Owl-Match-13 (PDF, 41 KB)
2021-Nite-Owl-Match-14 (PDF, 36 KB)
2021-Nite-Owl-Match-15 (PDF, 41 KB)
2021-Nite-Owl-Match-16 (PDF, 38 KB)
2021-Nite-Owl-Match-17 (PDF, 39 KB)
2021-Nite-Owl-Match-18 (PDF, 40 KB)
2021-Nite-Owl-Match-19 (PDF, 26 KB)
2021-Nite-Owl-Final-AllRanges (PDF, 101 KB)
2021-Nite-Owl-Final-BellCity (PDF, 74 KB)
2021-Nite-Owl-Final-EastWinsor (PDF, 71 KB)
2021-Nite-Owl-Final-HPM (PDF, 62 KB)
2021-Nite-Owl-Final-NorthGuilford (PDF, 77 KB)
2021-Nite-Owl-Final-QuakerHill (PDF, 65 KB)

2020 Results

2020-Nite-Owl-Match-1 (PDF, 22KB)
2020-Nite-Owl-Match-2 (PDF, 31KB)
2020-Nite-Owl-Match-7 (PDF, 25 KB)
2020-Nite-Owl-Match-8 (PDF, 40 KB)
2020-Nite-Owl-Match-9 (PDF, 37 KB)
2020-Nite-Owl-Match-10 (PDF, 42KB)
2020-Nite-Owl-Match-11 (PDF, 41 KB)
2020-Nite-Owl-Match-12 (PDF, 42 KB)
2020-Nite-Owl-Match-13 (PDS, 38 KB)
2020-Nite-Owl-Match-14 (PDF, 13 KB)
2020-Nite-Owl-Match-15 (PDF, 38 KB)
2020-Nite-Owl-Match-16 (PDF, 44 KB)
2020-Nite-Owl-Match-17 (PDF, 19 KB)
2020-Nite-Owl-Match-18 (PDF, 42 KB)
2020-Nite-Owl-Match-19 (PDF, 35 KB)
2020-Nite-Owl-Match-20 (PDF, 35 KB)
2020-Nite-Owl-Match-21 (PDF, 21 KB)
2020-Nite-Owl-Match-22 (PDF, 19 KB)
2020-Nite-Owl-Match-23 (PDF, 15 KB)
2020-Nite-Owl-Final (PDF, 100 KB)

2019 Results

2019-Nite-Owl-Match-1 (PDF, 32KB)
2019-Nite-Owl-Match-2 (PDF, 32 KB)
2019-Nite-Owl-Match-3 (PDF, 41 KB)
2019-Nite-Owl-Match-4 (PDF, 20 KB)
2019-Nite-Owl-Match-5 (PDF, 40 KB)
2019-Nite-Owl-Match-6 (PDF, 38 KB)
2019-Nite-Owl-Match-7 (PDF, 17 KB)
2019-Nite-Owl-Match-8 (PDF, 30 KB)
2019-Nite-Owl-Match-9 (PDF, 39 KB)
2019-Nite-Owl-Match-10 (PDF, 36 KB)
2019-Nite-Owl-Match-11 (PDF, 38 KB)
2019-Nite-Owl-Match-12 (PDF, 31 KB)
2019-Nite-Owl-Match-13 (PDF, 34 KB)
2019-Nite-Owl-Match-14 (PDF, 33 KB)
2019-Nite-Owl-Match-15 (PDF, 36 KB)
2019-Nite-Owl-Match-16 (PDF, 34 KB)
2019-Nite-Owl-Match-17 (PDF, 37 KB)
2019-Nite-Owl-Match-18 (PDF, 29 KB)
2019-Nite-Owl-Match-19 (PDF, 31 KB)
2019-Nite-Owl-Match-20 (PDF, 24 KB)
2019-Nite-Owl-Final (PDF, 104 KB)

2018 Results

2018-Nite-Owl-Match-1 (PDF, 31KB)
2018-Nite-Owl-Match-2 (PDF, 37KB)
2018-Nite-Owl-Match-3 (PDF, 21 KB)
2018-Nite-Owl-Match-4 (PDF, 27KB)
2018-Nite-Owl-Match-5 (PDF, 21KB)
2018-Nite-Owl-Match-6 (PDF, 38 KB)
2018-Nite-Owl-Match-7 (PDF, 41 KB)
2018-Nite-Owl-Match-8 (PDF, 41 KB)
2018-Nite-Owl-Match-9 (PDF, 40 KB)
2018-Nite-Owl-Match-10 (PDF, 30 KB)
2018-Nite-Owl-Match-11 (PDF, 40 KB)
2018-Nite-Owl-Match-12 (PDF, 12 KB)
2018-Nite-Owl-Match-13 (PDF, 28 KB)
2018-Nite-Owl-Match-14 (PDF, 30 KB)
2018-Nite-Owl-Match-15 (PDF, 31 KB)
2018-Nite-Owl-Match-16 (PDF, 30 KB)
2018-Nite-Owl-Match-17 (PDF, 34 KB)
2018-Nite-Owl-Match-18 (PDF, 29 KB)
2018-Nite-Owl-Match-19 (PDF, 15 KB)
2018-Nite-Owl-Match-20 (PDF, 14 KB)
2018-Nite-Owl-Match-21 (PDF, 11 KB)
2018-Nite-Owl-Match-Final (PDF, 160 KB)

2017 Results

2017-Nite-Owl-Match-1 (PDF, 29KB)
2017-Nite-Owl-Match-2 (PDF, 31KB)
2017-Nite-Owl-Match-3 (PDF, 32KB)
2017-Nite-Owl-Match-4 (PDF, 32KB)
2017-Nite-Owl-Match-5 (PDF, 29KB)
2017-Nite-Owl-Match-6 (PDF, 15KB)
2017-Nite-Owl-Match-7 (PDF, 29KB)
2017-Nite-Owl-Match-8 (PDF, 27KB)
2017-Nite-Owl-Match-9 (PDF, 30KB)
2017-Nite-Owl-Match-10 (PDF, 14KB)
2017-Nite-Owl-Match-12 (PDF, 26KB)
2017-Nite-Owl-Match-13 (PDF, 34KB)
2017-Nite-Owl-Match-14 (PDF, 34KB)
2017-Nite-Owl-Match-15 (PDF, 31KB)
2017-Nite-Owl-Match-16 (PDF, 30KB)
2017-Nite-Owl-Match-17 (PDF, 28KB)
2017-Nite-Owl-Match-18 (PDF, 29KB)
2017-Nite-Owl-Match-19 (PDF, 14KB)
2017-Nite-Owl-Match-Final (PDF, 155KB)

2016 Results

2016-Nite-Owl-Match-1 (PDF, 83KB)
2016-Nite-Owl-Match-2 (PDF, 70KB)
2016-Nite-Owl-Match-3 (PDF, 71KB)
2016-Nite-Owl-Match-4 (PDF, 72KB)
2016-Nite-Owl-Match-5 (PDF, 76KB)
2016-Nite-Owl-Match-6 (PDF, 84KB)
2016-Nite-Owl-Match-7 (PDF, 65KB)
2016-Nite-Owl-Match-8 (PDF, 78KB)
2016-Nite-Owl-Match-9 (PDF, 69KB)
2016-Nite-Owl-Match-10 (PDF, 70KB)
2016-Nite-Owl-Match-11 (PDF, 70KB)
2016-Nite-Owl-Match-12 (PDF, 75KB)
2016-Nite-Owl-Match-13 (PDF, 122KB)
2016-Nite-Owl-Match-14 (PDF, 73KB)
2016-Nite-Owl-Match-15 (PDF, 59KB)
2016-Nite-Owl-Match-16 (PDF, 59KB)
2016-Nite-Owl-Match-17 (PDF, 65KB)
2016-Nite-Owl-Match-18 (PDF, 67KB)
2015-Nite-Owl-Match-Final (PDF, 100KB)

2015 Results

2015-Nite-Owl-Match-1 (PDF, 139KB)
2015-Nite-Owl-Match-2 (PDF, 83KB)
2015-Nite-Owl-Match-3 (PDF, 76KB)
2015-Nite-Owl-Match-4 (PDF, 88KB)
2015-Nite-Owl-Match-5 (PDF, 71KB)
2015-Nite-Owl-Match-6 (PDF, 95KB)
2015-Nite-Owl-Match-7 (PDF, 73KB)
2015-Nite-Owl-Match-8 (PDF, 56KB)
2015-Nite-Owl-Match-9 (PDF, 72KB)
2015-Nite-Owl-Match-10 (PDF, 73KB)
2015-Nite-Owl-Match-11 (PDF, 62KB)
2015-Nite-Owl-Match-12 (PDF, 63KB)
2015-Nite-Owl-Match-13 (PDF, 108KB)
2015-Nite-Owl-Match-14 (PDF, 71KB)
2015-Nite-Owl-Match-15 (PDF, 45KB)
2015-Nite-Owl-Match-16 (PDF, 69KB)
2015-Nite-Owl-Match-17 (PDF, 81KB)
2015-Nite-Owl-Match-18 (PDF, 67KB)
2015-Nite-Owl-Match-19 (PDF, 41KB)
2015-Nite-Owl-Match-Final (PDF, 240KB)

2014 Results

2014-Nite-Owl-Match-1 (PDF, 86KB)
2014-Nite-Owl-Match-2 (PDF, 85KB)
2014-Nite-Owl-Match-3 (PDF, 83KB)
2014-Nite-Owl-Match-4 (PDF, 70KB)
2014-Nite-Owl-Match-5 (PDF, 89KB)
2014-Nite-Owl-Match-6 (PDF, 91KB)
2014-Nite-Owl-Match-7 (PDF, 65KB)
2014-Nite-Owl-Match-8 (PDF, 88KB)
2014-Nite-Owl-Match-9 (PDF, 78KB)
2014-Nite-Owl-Match-10 (PDF, 79KB)
2014-Nite-Owl-Match-11 (PDF, 40KB)
2014-Nite-Owl-Match-12 (PDF, 62KB)
2014-Nite-Owl-Match-13 (PDF, 113KB)
2014-Nite-Owl-Match-14 (PDF, 70KB)
2014-Nite-Owl-Match-16 (PDF, 91KB)
2014-Nite-Owl-Match-17 (PDF, 69KB)
2014-Nite-Owl-Match-18 (PDF, 63KB)
2014-Nite-Owl-Match-19 (PDF, 37KB)
2014-Nite-Owl-Final-Results (PDF, 110KB)

2013 Results

2013-Nite-Owl-Match-1 (PDF, 92KB)
2013-Nite-Owl-Match-2 (PDF, 105KB)
2013-Nite-Owl-Match-3 (PDF, 91KB)
2013-Nite-Owl-Match-4 (PDF, 84KB)
2013-Nite-Owl-Match-5 (PDF, 108KB)
2013-Nite-Owl-Match-6 (PDF, 98KB)
2013-Nite-Owl-Match-7 (PDF, 55KB)
2013-Nite-Owl-Match-8 (PDF, 96KB)
2013-Nite-Owl-Match-9 (PDF, 81KB)
2013-Nite-Owl-Match-10 (PDF, 91KB)
2013-Nite-Owl-Match-11 (PDF, 70KB)
2013-Nite-Owl-Match-12 (PDF, 51KB)
2013-Nite-Owl-Match-13 (PDF, 156KB)
2013-Nite-Owl-Match-14 (PDF, 84KB)
2013-Nite-Owl-Match-15 (PDF, 86KB)
2013-Nite-Owl-Match-16 (PDF, 83KB)
2013-Nite-Owl-Match-17 (PDF, 85KB)
2013-Nite-Owl-Match-18 (PDF, 64KB)
2013-Nite-Owl-Match-19 (PDF, 64KB)
2013-Nite-Owl-Final-Results (PDF, 75KB)

2012 Results

2012-Nite-Owl-Match-1 (PDF, 67KB)
2012-Nite-Owl-Match-2 (PDF, 45KB)
2012-Nite-Owl-Match-3 (PDF, 41KB)
2012-Nite-Owl-Match-4 (PDF, 54KB)
2012-Nite-Owl-Match-5 (PDF, 75KB)
2012-Nite-Owl-Match-6 (PDF, 83KB)
2012-Nite-Owl-Match-7 (PDF, 43KB)
2012-Nite-Owl-Match-8 (PDF, 74KB)
2012-Nite-Owl-Match-9 (PDF, 77KB)
2012-Nite-Owl-Match-10 (PDF, 69KB)
2012-Nite-Owl-Match-11 (PDF, 73KB)
2012-Nite-Owl-Match-12 (PDF, 66KB)
2012-Nite-Owl-Match-13 (PDF, 65KB)
2012-Nite-Owl-Match-14 (PDF, 57KB)
2012-Nite-Owl-Match-15 (PDF, 32KB)
2012-Nite-Owl-Match-16 (PDF, 68KB)
2012-Nite-Owl-Match-17 (PDF, 30KB)
2012-Nite-Owl-Match-18 (PDF, 67KB)
2012-Nite-Owl-Match-19 (PDF, 30KB)
2012-Nite-Owl-Match-20 (PDF, 137KB)
2012-Nite-Owl-Match-21 (PDF, 33KB)
2012-Nite-Owl-Match-22 (PDF, 87KB)
2012-Nite-Owl-Match-23 (PDF, 27KB)
2012-Nite-Owl-Match-24 (PDF, 31KB)
2012-Nite-Owl-Match-25 (PDF, 28KB)
2012-Nite-Owl-Final-Results (PDF, 90KB)

2011 Results

2011-Nite-Owl-Match-1 (PDF, 74KB)
2011-Nite-Owl-Match-2 (PDF, 66KB)
2011-Nite-Owl-Match-3 (PDF, 45KB)
2011-Nite-Owl-Match-4 (PDF, 53KB)
2011-Nite-Owl-Match-5 (PDF, 70KB)
2011-Nite-Owl-Match-6 (PDF, 74KB)
2011-Nite-Owl-Match-7 (PDF, 45KB)
2011-Nite-Owl-Match-8 (PDF, 74KB)
2011-Nite-Owl-Match-9 (PDF, 106KB)
2011-Nite-Owl-Match-10 (PDF, 119KB)
2011-Nite-Owl-Match-11 (PDF, 123KB)
2011-Nite-Owl-Match-12 (PDF, 120KB)
2011-Nite-Owl-Match-13 (PDF, 98KB)
2011-Nite-Owl-Match-14 (PDF, 57KB)
2011-Nite-Owl-Match-15 (PDF, 41KB)
2011-Nite-Owl-Match-16 (PDF, 78KB)
2011-Nite-Owl-Match-17 (PDF, 53KB)
2011-Nite-Owl-Match-18 (PDF, 53KB)
2011-Nite-Owl-Final-Results (PDF, 61KB)

2010 Results

2010-Nite-Owl-Match-1 (PDF, 74KB)
2010-Nite-Owl-Match-2 (PDF 74KB)
2010-Nite-Owl-Match-3 (PDF, 49KB)
2010-Nite-Owl-Match-4 (PDF, 74KB)
2010-Nite-Owl-Match-5 (PDF, 70KB)
2010-Nite-Owl-Match-6 (PDF, 94KB)
2010-Nite-Owl-Match-7 (PDF, 61KB)
2010-Nite-Owl-Match-8 (PDF, 78KB)
2010-Nite-Owl-Match-9 (PDF, 74KB)
2010-Nite-Owl-Match-10 (PDF, 124KB)
2010-Nite-Owl-Match-11 (PDF, 49KB)
2010-Nite-Owl-Match-12 (PDF, 70KB)
2010-Nite-Owl-Match-13 (PDF, 70KB)
2010-Nite-Owl-Match-14 (PDF, 61KB)
2010-Nite-Owl-Match-15 (PDF, 61KB)
2010-Nite-Owl-Match-16 (PDF, 61KB)