Hap’s Corner continues

While Hap is no longer with us he did leave over two dozen unpublished articles. Beginning August 1, 2021 the remaining articles will be published. One will be published each month on the first of the month.

Once all the remaining unpublished articles have been published we will publish “Classic Hap’s Corner.” These are Hap’s Corner articles that have been publish in various paper-based media prior to the founding of pronematch.com. In total are nearly 400 Hap’s Corner articles that will be published on pronematch.com.

In addition to Hap’s Corner there is a library of information Hap has compiled over his lifetime. His desire was to have this information made available to the public so that this history is not lost. It will take some time to digest all of his work and how best to make it available on this site.

We at pronematch.com hope you find this site helpful, useful, and entertaining. The staff are all volunteers. Donations are used to offset the costs to maintain the site and keep it online. Please consider using the Donate button to make a donation and support this site.

About Joe Graf

Joe Graf started shooting competitively as a junior in 1983 in both smallbore and high power rifle. After completing his junior career, he turned his attention to focus on smallbore rifle. In addition to shooting competitively, Joe has been the director of the RI Smallbore Rifle League since 1993, the Director of Smallbore Competition for RI State Rifle & Revolver Association since 2005, a member of the 2007 National Four Position Indoor Championship team, and Executive Officer of the RI State Rifle & Revolver Association since 2010. He is a National Record Holder, member of the Smithfield Sportsman's Club, the Blackhawk Rifle Club, and Digby Hand Schuetzenverein. He is a contributor to pronematch.com.
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  1. Jamie Hurley says:

    I was deeply saddened to hear of Hap’s passing. We never met, but we were indeed kindred spirits. I love reading everything he’s ever taken the time to write, and I am thrilled to hear that his articles will continue to be published here. Thank you so much for keeping the legacy alive.

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