Goodwill Randle Team Fundraiser

The 2008 Randle Team Back row: Kris Kraemer, Jaymi Collar, Micelle Bohren, Reya Kemply, Ginger Mclamore, Edie Fleeman, Kim Chrostowski, Nancy Tompkins, Jim Grant (Witness) Front row: Karen Monez, Michelle Bauer, Becky Hershberger, Leslie Angeli Claudia Duksa, Kristen Torento. Photo by Hap Rocketto

The Goodwill Randle Team is traveling to England with the Roberts Team to shoot at Bisley shoulder to shoulder with the British Goodwill Randle Team in August 2009.

Since the Goodwill Randle Team has to pay their own way, the NRA, through Mr. Howard Moody, has donated four free 2010 National Championship entries for the Goodwill Randle fundraiser.

There are two for Camp Perry (one for prone and one for 3-P) and there are two for the new Metric Championship, which starts in 2010 (one for prone and one for 3-P). The new Metric Championship will be the weekend before Camp Perry and will be held in Indiana about 200-250 miles from Camp Perry. It will be two days of prone (Fri & Sat) followed by two days of 3-P (Sun & Mon).

3-P Raffle tickets are $5.00 each
Prone Raffle tickets are $10.00 each or three for $25.00

The entries can be sold by the winner as no name will be on the certificate.

The winner with the first ticket drawn can select their award, Camp Perry or the Metric Championship. The second ticket drawn will receive the other entry.

Chances are 1 in 100. The drawing will be at the 2009 Black Hawk dinner at Camp Perry.

Tickets can be purchased from Kim Chrostowski, 401-523-0299, kchrost1 *AT*


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Dan started shooting competitive smallbore in 1986. During his Junior career, he earned two national junior team titles as well as local and regional wins. After a 10 year year hiatus to attend college and start a family, Dan returned to the sport and has added local, sectional and regional wins to his shooting resume. Dan is a Distinguished Rifleman, National Record Holder, U.S Dewar Team Member, Black Hawk Rifle Club Member, Digby Hand Schützenverein member, and is the founder of He lives in Massachusetts with his wife and 2 children.
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