Announcement of a new American Smallbore Shooting Association

Announcement of a new American Smallbore Shooting Association.

February 20, 2017

With the current state of Conventional Smallbore Rifle Shooting a group of long time dedicated shooters decided to form an organization to focus on the sport we all love.  ASSA Inc is a non-profit corporation formed in Cincinnati OH.

Times have changed, and it appears the governing body of conventional smallbore rifle shooting in the USA is not promoting the growth of the sport, and not listening to the membership.  We don’t know why.  We only know it is a problem that needs a solution.

This new organization has been created to focus only on convention smallbore rifle competition as practiced in the USA. It is envisioned  the ASSA become the governing body of conventional smallbore rifle target shooting.

National Championship  
In late July of 2017 the ASSA will conduct its inaugural National Championship match at the Blue Trail Range in Wallingford CT.  This match will consists of a conventional 3-Position 3×40 championship with irons, scope and teams conducted over a 3 day period.  At the conclusion of the 3-Position phase, the next 5 days will be the Prone championship using the traditional Critchfield 6400 course of fire.

Our expectation is to run a first class tournament that will rival any conducted in recent history.

Please visit our web site to learn more about this organization and the championship.

American Smallbore Shooting Association

About H

Dan started shooting competitive smallbore in 1986. During his Junior career, he earned two national junior team titles as well as local and regional wins. After a 10 year year hiatus to attend college and start a family, Dan returned to the sport and has added local, sectional and regional wins to his shooting resume. Dan is a Distinguished Rifleman, National Record Holder, U.S Dewar Team Member, Black Hawk Rifle Club Member, Digby Hand Schützenverein member, and is the founder of He lives in Massachusetts with his wife and 2 children.
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2 Responses to Announcement of a new American Smallbore Shooting Association

  1. Charles Roubal says:

    So this is designed to take away from the small bore matches at Bristol. Am I right?

  2. Mike Carter says:

    The match directory of the Bristol match has reduced the Smallbore Championships for 2017 back to a 4800. The 50 yard match was dropped again, with no input from membership. Registration is open on the NRA website and the first page from Dennis Willing is basically telling us to forget history, forget tradition, forget your memories and turn the page to begin anew and the beautiful Wa-Ke-De Range.

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