Smallbore National Championship Results

BRISTOL RESULTS: Websites for results from the four Smallbore National Championships being held at Bristol, IN, next month:

Metric is:



About Dan Holmes

Dan Holmes started shooting competitive smallbore in 1986. During his Junior career, he earned two national junior team titles as well as local and regional wins. After a 10 year year hiatus to attend college and start a family, Dan returned to the sport and has added local, sectional and regional wins to his shooting resume. Dan is a Distinguished Rifleman, National Record Holder, U.S Dewar Team Member, Black Hawk Rifle Club Member, Digby Hand Schützenverein member, and is the founder of He lives in Massachusetts with his wife and 2 children.
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4 Responses to Smallbore National Championship Results

  1. Richard Williams says:

    As of TH morning the conv site says you cannot look at it until 1st of next month, has exceeded allowed views for July. Why not on the NRA site?Did they really set up a limited use site, then run in in such a way that we who had to stay home would need to look dozens of times a day to see if friends scores up YET,then have it crash as finals appear? Tempts me to use dirty words.

  2. Mike Carter says:

    Walt Walters was posting the results to his internet provider’s personal webspace. Apparently there is a data quota and we exceeded it. NRA didn’t send there IT guy so it was unrealistic to use modern technology to send results across state lines and publish them on the official competition web site. probabaly would have been a better option.

  3. Richard Williams says:

    Mike: Thanks for telling us that. Kudos to Walt for seeing that anything at all got sent out. Boo Hiss to NRA for running what they called a National then not supporting it any better than any other local match. Earthlink says it has a 1GB per month limit as applied to number of hits figured into file size viewed,so no way for poster to tell when close to limit, I guess.
    Hink & I got frustrated trying to follow what was going on.

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